Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good God Watch Me Work

May is turning out to be a great month for live shows. I’ve just added a Jonathon Tyler and The Northern Lights show on May 20th at Outland Ballroom in Springfield, Mo. If you never seen this group and you love rock and roll and blues, you’ll be in your own little heaven. Check out there new cd just released at the end of last month. It’s available on Itunes and is called Pardon Me. There “new” website is absolutely great with its free downloads from live shows. I’m currently grooving to both there new cd and a free download from Music Fest in Steamboat, Co. I also read Mo Brown’s blog Somosay Soulternative, which gives you a peak at what goes on behind the scenes. They currently are looking for votes to help them get on MTV. Please vote at http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F9OkmJp&h=910e0.  They Thank you.

http://www.usatoday.com/life/music/reviews/2010-05-03-theplaylist_N.htm  Also check this USA today bit.

Last night I saw Ray Wylie Hubbard at The Rose Bowl Country Bar, in Urbana. He is by far the wittiest, most sarcastic musician I’ve come across to this point. I found some of his language great too, for instance, snappy patter, meaning short story or the meaning of bootlegging, smuggling books into Arkansas. He talked of the love of writing and how much he has been enjoying writing with the young storytellers like Hayes Carll and Slaid Cleaves. At one point I noticed this ancient guitar and thought that must have a story and sure enough it was his granddads. He asked as a child to play it and he was told he would have to wait until someone offered it to him. A teaching in patience. On his granddad's deathbed he called for Ray to come see him and he tells that ole granddad offered the guitar to him,  for a PRICE.  He laughed out loud and said, I wrote the check.
The stories started at 7:30 and continued for two solid hours. The list goes like this.

Snake Farm
Drunken Poet’s Dream
Down Home Country Blues
Name Dropping
Conversations with the Devil
The Ballad of the Crimson Kings
Count My Blessings
When She Sang Amazing Grace
Old Guitar
Missed Name
Mississippi Flush
Without Love
Redneck Mother
Wanna Rock and Roll
The Messenger
Missed name.
Choktaw Bingo

After the show he stepped over to his merchandise area and signed autographs and sold cd's.  We had a two hour drive back, so we didn’t stay to get anything “MY BOOTS” signed. I will definitely be adding Ray Wylie Hubbard to my list of musicians and hope he will be able to make it back up here again.

Upcoming shows........

Monday May 17th at Joe’s Bar-Chicago
Charlie Robison, Chris Knight and Cody Canada, Acoustic Set

Thursday May 20th at Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO
Jonathon Tyler and The Northern Lights.

Saturday May 22nd, May Day at the Effingham County Fairgrounds. IL

Matt Poss and The Rolling Thunder

John D Hale Band

Zach Huckabee

Back Porch Mary

Jason Boland and The Stragglers

Gates at 1:30, bands start at 2. Camping included with ticket, see more details on May Day blog.
or go to http://www.flatlandjam.com/

Texas Music Chart Top 5 for the week of May 10th

1. Jason Boland and The Stragglers - Tulsa Time

2. Wade Bowen - Matches

3. Cory Morrow - Ramblin' Man

4.  Reckless Kelly - Best Forever Yet

5. Miranda Lambert-The House That Built Me
New Music I'm listening to:    Josh Langston, Liberty or Death
                                                    Ryan Bales Survival
                                                    Mike McClure Band, Zero Dark Thirty
                                                    Turnpike Troubadours, Diamonds and Gasoline
                                                    Jonathon Tyler and The Northern Lights, Pardon Me
                                                    Ray Wylie Hubbard anything and everything

New Music I want to get:       Red Wanting Blue

Have a great week people, I've got to go rest up for next week, imma be busy.