Friday, June 25, 2010

New Dates

Summer Music


22nd No Justice/Blackberry Smoke-Joe's Bar-Chicago
23rd Red Wanting Blue-Ballydoyle Pub-Downers Grove, Il
24th Johnny Cooper-Old 36 Inn-Riverton, Il
28th Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Old House of Rock-St. Louis, MO
29th Johnny Cooper-Joe's Bar-Chicago, Il.
        Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers-Blueberry Hill-St.louis, MO
30th White Trash Rodeo-Sidney Fun Days-Sidney, Il

1st Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, Wicker Park Festival- Chicago, Il.
      Brandon Jenkins-Six Strings-Bloomington, Il.
4th Red Dirt Fest Fundraiser for Children's Hospital-Stoney Larue-Randy Rogers Band-Branjon Jenkins-Joe's Bar- Chicago, Il.
5th Stoney Larue and The Arsenals-Gabe's-Iowa City, IA
6th Red Wanting Blue-Rathskellars-Indianapolis, IN
      White Trash Rodeo, Villa Grove Ag Days- Villa Grove
13th Roy Davis-Uptown Playhouse-Lasalle, Il.
20th Randy Rogers Band-Indiana State Fair 5:30
21st Jonathan Tyler and The Northern Lights, River Roots Festival-Davenport, IA
21st Eli Young Band-Muskegon, MI
22nd Eli Young Band-Iowa State Fair-Des Moines, IA
26th Jason Boland and The Stragglers, Joe's Bar-Chicago, Il

3rd-Reckless Kelly-Cross Canadian Ragweed-Arkansas Music Pavillion-Fayetteville, AR
5th Todd Snider-PK's-Carbondale, Il
10th Red Wanting Blue-Cubby Bear-Chicago, Il.
16th Wade Bowen-Exit In-Nashville, TN
24th Two Tons of Steel-Bedrock 66 Live Series-Springfield, Il

22nd Cross Canadian Ragweed-Diamond Jo-Northwood, IA
23rd Six Nights Alone-Cross Canadian Ragweed-Diamond Jo-Dubuque, IA
24th Wade Bowen-Cross Canadian Ragweed-Joe's Bar-Chicago  FINAL SHOW

4th Red Wanting Blue-Ballydoyle Irish Pub, Aurora, Il.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you listening?

So much has been going on in my corner of the world, hence the non-blogging.  I've been busy seeing shows and celebrating my birthday with my  family.  Fully lived up to one of my birthday gift bags, believe me. 

  I do keep the Who What and Where section up to date, because that is really my purpose here. Except the past couple times I've tried to work with it, the crazy thing is possessed. Another change is in its future. Wish me luck.  

   I have found a couple NEW shows worth reporting.

TODAY-June 3rd-Jason Boland and The Turnpike Troubadours-Lucky Maggies-Diamond, MO
June 10th-Mike McClure Band-Otis Campbells-Washington, MO 
June 11th-Chris Knight (Acoustic) Otis Campbells- Washington, MO
                Jackson Taylor-Lucky Maggies-Diamond, MO
June 18th-Johnny Cooper-Lucky Maggies)Diamond, Mo
June 19th- John D. Hale with Matt Stell and The Crashers, (love those crashers). Haven't heard Hale.
July 9th- Bob Schneider -The Double Door-Chicago
              Stoney Larue-Lucky Maggies-Diamond, Mo
August  1st-Jonathon Tyler and The Northern Lights, Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, Il.
             13th-Roy Davis-Uptown Grill-Lasalle, Il
            26th-Jason Boland-Joe's Bar-Chicago, Il


June 11, The Mike McClure Band at Six Strings in Bloomington, IL starts at 7:30 doors at 6:00, I previously had said 9:30. 

The Cross Canadian Ragweed shows in Bloomington and Evansville, IN this month are now Cody Canada and Bruce Robison (Acoustic).

Since my last post, I've been to a few shows. The short of it is, I saw Cody Canada, Charlie Robison and Chris Knight at Joe's in Chicago.  Thanks to a friend of mine, we had the BEST seats in the house.  I have to hand it to Twitter for that one. You can get some great offers by reading your tweets.  Check it out and see for yourself.  This was by far one of the most relaxing shows I've been to in awhile.   I really love the acoustic shows.  Probably the fact that I like  sitting my butt down.  Helloooo, I just had my 45th birthday, I'm a little tired.

The set list was:

CR Feeling Good

CC Flowers
CK Rural Route
CR Middle of the Night
CC Let the Rain Fall Down (new song-unsure of the title, might be Happy Times)
CK Another Dollar
CR New Years Day
CC Kick in the Head
CK Enough Rope
CR Loving County
CC Rosalie
CK Love and a .45
CR The Bottom
CC Lonely Girl
CK If I Were You
CR John O'Reilly
CC Constantly
CK Banging Away
CR Sunset Boulevard
CC Dimebag
CK Heart of Stone
CR My Hometown (w/ a little bit of Barlight at the end to annoy Shannon)
CC Blue Bonnets
CK Down The River
CK Framed
CR El Cerrito Place
CC 51 Pieces

There is plenty of video for your viewing pleasure on youtube, just search for ellebee101.  She's got that videoing business down pat.  As long as I can keep my mouth shut, I always forget she's recording, sorry. They called me the talking machine as a child.
I also saw RED Wanting Blue 

This is a completely new band for me.  I've been listening for such a short time, but I'm loving their original sound. Some of my fave's right now are, Finger in The Air, Where Ya Wanna Go and You are my Las Vegas. The bar was in Manhattan, Il, The Double Deuce.  The manager  came over and told us this is the first time they've had a band that plays original music.  He had heard them before and knew he had to have them.  A great move on his part! I left that night at 1:34 am  wide awake and feeling like I'd made some new friends.  There was a group of "fans" that came in from a bar in the Bloomington area,  in an old school bus painted blue.

What a great group of people.  I will definitely have to make my way to Kemp's Bar in Lexington someday soon.  For sure the next time RWB is there. 

The stage was setup in a way, I don't believe I've ever witnessed. In fact it took the band longer to set the stage with all the goodies than it did to sound check. Several types of Christmas lights, a strand of Owl lights, an owl, a pair of OLD lamps, a globe, a modified Ohio state flag and a dinosaur just to name of few of the things .A tin cat was set at the front of the stage at the beginning of the show, by a fan.  The lead singer picked it up, gave it a hard look  and placed it ever so carefully in a bare spot on the stage.  I found the funked out ambience to be quite soothing.  No flashy lights needed here.

They played all of the songs I wanted to hear and I am so hooked it isn't even funny.

Five dollar cover! You don't get this type of show for Five bucks EVER.  Give them a look and a listen and let me know what ya think.  They get around the Midwest pretty frequently, I will make sure I have them on my Who What and Where when they do. 
A couple of my other favorite pictures from the night.  



 Must close, I need a nap and this computer is acting out.

Enjoy your music,