Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike McClure Band visits Bloomington, Illinois

Yes it's true. The Mike McClure band has booked a show right here in Illinois. It has been quite awhile since I've seen them around here. I believe it was about four years ago in Riverton, at the Old 36 Inn and they've never been back, to my knowledge.  In other words, "my words," you're not going to want to miss this one because it could be another four years before they get this close again.  I can't begin telling you how fantastic their music is, just follow the links below and see for yourself.  They definitely will put some ROCK in your world and the lyrics will keep you coming back. 

         SAVE THE DATE:

FRIDAY NIGHT      JUNE 11TH        9:30

SIX STRINGS        BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS                 Get there early and thank Chris for bringing the music.

Until then you can get yourMike McClure band  fix at or at

                                                 A band with a huge sense of humor!

Go get ya some,


White Trash Rodeo

White Trash Rodeo can be found on Facebook at:



Toys for Tots Benefit

Follow the link below for information about the White Trash Rodeo Toys for Tots Benefit on Saturday July 3rd, in Effing ham, Il. an afternoon to help the kids and the red dirt is just a bonus.!%2Fevent.php%3Feid%3D116237051730341%26ref%3Dmf&h=73e3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Day at the Effingham Fairgrounds

I've been thinking about this concert and had so many questions about it so I looked into it and here is what I found.  The only question I still have is are they going to allow camping this year? I will assume they are, until I hear different. If anyone has any further bits of info, please share.  Hope to see you there.

May 22, 2010

Jason Boland and the Stragglers

Back Porch Mary

John D. Hale

Zach Huckabee

Matt Poss & Rolling Thunder

Get your tickets and details here.


                                                  Hoping this will apply this year also.

Camping Available on the SOUTH & SOUTH-WEST LOTS of the Fairgrounds. Over 200 camp sites available with 50 electric & water hookups, first come/first serve!

Concerning Fires: Portable Fire Pits are Permissable, but NO Burning directly on the ground! This will be enforced. Thanks!

Driving Directions to Effingham County Fairgrounds off of Interstate 70:
1. Take Exit 82 off of I-70 towards Altamont.
2. Turn North off of exit ramp towards Altamont.
a. Right turn if you are coming from the east.
b. Left turn if you are coming from the west.
3. Drive .8 miles until you come to a 4-way stop at the Route 40 Junction.
4. Turn right (east) onto Route 40 and drive .5 miles.
5. Effingham county fairgrounds are on your right (south) side.
6. Look for signs to park at east entrance.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Moonrise & The Pageant, in the Lou

The Moonrise Hotel was once again, an OUTSTANDING hotel. Upon arrival I asked my somewhat usual question, any free upgrades. I've been told that they don't have any upgrades many times, but this particular time, YES! I gather my girls and we head up to our suite, and  there is a star on the door for Virginia Mayo.  Virginia was one of the most successful actresses of the 40's and 50's and was born is St. Louis. 

We took great care of her suite and enjoyed our time there.  It was a little piece of heaven. Thank you Moonrise for accommodating us. 

Upon arrival at the Pageant our purses were searched and some people were even frisked.  Yes they had a female frisker too.  My dear friend, didn't make it past them upon re-entry and he was dearly missed throughout the show.  Hide your "stuff" people and hide it well.  The security there must expect things to get out of hand, because they were everywhere and all over you.  I once stepped over the velvet rope with my drink and was scolded, no drinks here. WoW, really do we have to be so rude. I'm clearly an adult as I believe he said MAM. I suppose there are always rules to be followed and I'll follow to the best of my ability.

Cross came on around 9 and played until 11:15.  They opened with Number and then a shout out to Cheryl from Cody, "Cheryl we thought you fell of the planet, we missed you", or something along those lines and then he sang Lonely Girl for her. Lucky Girl.

 I managed to take note of all the songs they played, which keeps me busy and definitely drinking less. :)

Number, Lonely Girl, Cold-Hearted Woman, Deal, Blues for you, To Find My Love, Constantly, Hammer Down, 51 Pieces, Seventeen, Rosalie, Anywhere But Here, F@#K Nashville, " Cody gives a big  eff you to Nashville and their CMA's", Sister,  Acoustic Cody at 10:30 with It Ain't Easy Being Me, She's a Devil I know and Bluebonnetts, Fighting For, Don't Need You, Boys from Oklahoma, Late Last Night, Alabama and encore was Shotgun Willie.

 The real set list that  Grady gave me read:

Needless to say there were some changes and it doesn't matter one iota to me, what they play. When they play I just listen with a smile a million miles long.

Jason Larue, St. Louis Cardinal, was spotted several times through the night. He loves his Ragweed.
Again if you would like to read more about their trip to the Midwest check it at:

Until the next time,

Reckless Kelly at Six Strings in Bloomington, Il.

Reckless Kelly at Six Strings in Bloomington, Illinois

Some of my favorite pictures from the night, compliments of Sarah Kate.

Reckless Kelly at Six Strings in Bloomington, Il

Six Strings was a great spot for some red dirt music.  Very friendly people everywhere.  From their dancing cages to the tailgate seating & great frozen pizza, they rocked.  Showtime was a bit odd,  7:30pm. Reckless Kelly was the opener.  How crazy is that shit.  But wyknot start these shows earlier when people aren't so intoxicated, they might even enjoy the music MORE. Alot of people travel to and from these shows and earlier could mean safer.  I know I would enjoy earlier show times and I can hang late into the night with the best of them.   Just a thought to think about.

I was fortunate to visit with Chris the manager and thanked him for bringing the red dirt our way.  He is a huge fan and is going to do everything he can to bring MORE.  I will continue to watch this venue as it might just be a great addition to the scene.  Check them out at

To see more about Reckless Kelly's visit to the Midwest, check it at,


Monday, April 12, 2010

Somewhere In Time

I’ve had to make some calendar changes, since the Google calendar is not working properly.

I deleted its existence, as it has aggravated me for the last time.

I will continue to work on a new format, but for now, just going to run off of a list.

Enjoy the music,



The Who What and Where


14th-Wed- Reckless Kelly-Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI

15th-Th-Reckless Kelly-High Saloon-Madison, WI

16th-Fri- Cross Canadian Ragweed-Val Air Ballroom, W. Des Moines, IA

Reckless Kelly-Joe’s Bar-Chicago, Illinois

17th Sat- Cross Canadian Ragweed-The Majestic-Madison, WI

Reckless Kelly-Six Strings-Bloomington, Illinois

18th Sun- Cross Canadian Ragweed-The Pageant-St. Louis, Mo

23rd Fri- Pat Green-House of Blues-Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Added Dates in May and July

Join us on Monday, May 17th for the greatest trifecta of Country Music on stage-acoustic style!

Cody Canada, Charlie Robison, and Chris Knight will be taking the stage to perform an awesome acoustic set together!

Tickets will be $15.

Also, No Justice and  Blackberry Smoke has just been announced to return to the Joe's stage on Thursday, July 22nd.

07/29/2010 8:30 PM

Johnny Cooper

Cost: $8

Tickets for this show can be purchased by getting a ticket for the John Eddie Show. Tickets are available Friday, April 2nd at or at Joe's (Cash only).

Texas Music Chart Top 5 for week of April 5th

1. Jack Ingram - Free

2. Josh Abbott Band - She’s Like Texas

3.Roger Creager - Driving Home

4. Reckless Kelly - Best Forever Yet

5. Eleven Hundred Springs - Show Me the Money

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Do you have something to say?

So here's the dealio. I'm here to spread the word about the music, the venues and dates they will appear. The WHO WHAT and WHERE.  Forgive me for my reviews are pretty short. So, would YOU like to help me with that and add a few words. I would love some help taking up some space.  It doesn't have to even be a review.  It could be some new music you want to share or a venue you love or story you've heard. I welcome it and look forward to some chatter. Have a great Thursday and enjoy April Fools Day.

Peace People,


Alejandro Escovedo at Uptown's Playlist Theatre

What an outstanding WEDnesday night I had  here in Lasalle-Peru, Illinois. I tend to forget about seeing the live perfomances at Uptown's Playlist Theatre.  My second time to see a performance there and I won't miss another. I can think of several musicians that could quiet that room, but Alejandro did it so well, he sent two chicks packing. Can you say hecklers. Not cool, not cool at all. The crowd applauded their departure, early on, thankfully.

I did know that Alejandro came from a very musical background, thanks Ang, but didn't know his niece was Sheila E and 7 out of his 12 siblings are musicians.  A couple have or still do play with Santana. He did quite a bit of storytelling as the night rolled on.  His Real Animal cd, is an musical bio-graphical story of his life.  He mentioned after that cd he was so tired of hearing himself, that the next cd will just ROCK.  I believe he said it comes out in June.

Early in the evening he came out into the crowd, right where we were sitting and told a story about Rosalie and her long lost love. He and his guitar player serenaded us with their song. That was a goosebump moment right there.  So close and no microphones just voice and guitars.  Unfortunately I only have a picture from my phone, but.....I'll never forget it.

One of his last songs before the encore was Castanets and he dedicated it to Anne and Leslie from the Anne Frances Salon. He spent some time with the two of them prior to his show and invited them as his guests. He applauded them for helping clear his voice so that he could sing.  What a great plug for the salon and spa!  Tell em Alejandro sentchya

I need to mention the opening act Megan McCormick, from Nashville. She had a Indie/Alternative feel and entertained us from the moment she started singing.  A terrific voice and sang straight from her heart.  You can look her up at
She has been opening for Alejandro for a couple days now and I thought she was a great addition to the evening

.I really feel lucky to have seen last night's show. My husband set up the deal and I have to give him kudos for such an awesome date. Thanks Micheal, you did it a again!

Still Smiling,