Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dixie Chicks Duo Does Double Duty As Court Yard Hounds | Billboard.com

Dixie Chicks Duo Does Double Duty As Court Yard Hounds Billboard.com

March goes out like a lion, ROAR!

                     Well, well, well, what a great week, full of music & travel.

           Upon our arrival at the  beautiful MOONRISE hotel, we were ensconced over to the wine and cheese reception the manager's were having. There couldn't have been a better start to a fantastic couple of days. Well except, once we finally made it up to our lovely room, one of our girlfriends, had sent us a beautiful bottle of shiraz named  Layer Cake to get things started.
  Damn I have some great friends.  Thank you again love. 

Bob Schneider and band, rocked and rolled without his trumpet player Oliver, who was out sick. He was terribly missed.  I have only been fortunate enough to see this band one other time and the trumpet portion of the show, for me, is right up at the tippy top.  My dad played the trombone and was a bit of a maestro, so I come by it honestly.

I will most definitely be following this band ANYTIME they get to the Midwest and I recommend you give them a listen. Their website is amazing, interactive and informative, so give it a try, when you have some free time, at work.  haha

After a day of rest and visiting with my family I met my husband, ditched my car at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield and back to St. Louis I go. Kind of a rendezvous, if you will. lol. We got checked in again to the Moonrise hotel and a friend joined us in the pre party at the hotel.  Several  beers later, we trekked down to Blueberry Hill in anticipation of a night with Stoney.  Mike's FAVE.


Stoney came out and played for a good two hours plus and let us listen to lots and lots of new stuff. It was quite fantastic hearing so many of his new songs.  I was able to get a picture of the setlist, so you can see some of those new ones.  Velvet was really sweet, really damn sweet.

I would love to know when we will be getting our hands on another new cd, anyone know? 

After the show, Stoney came out and did some signing and such, however our feet would not allow us to stand any longer. So we limped back to the Moonrise and tucked ourselves into the wonder of the Enrapture Eurotop, which we now WANT to purchase.  Did I mention that I love this hotel? 

                                            Until we meet again. I'll remember you like this. :::)))

I'm back home now and back to work on finding more shows in the Midwest.  I've added several dates to the WHO WHAT and WHERE!    Chris Knight, Ray Wylie Hubbard , The Eagles w/ The Dixie Chicks, just to name a few. If you've not seen the Eagles, I'll betchya that will be a great show.  Huge venues', pricey tickets, but I recommend seeing them at least once.

   I also will be seeing a musician for the first time, tomorrow night. Alejandro Escovedo.  He's playing at the Uptown Grill in Lasalle, Il.  I've downloaded a bit of his stuff and I think I'll love him "live".  I'll let you know.  Have yourself a great day and above all, enjoy the music and spring.

Goodbye March,


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Skies for Everyone

Thank you to anyone who may have taken my lead and looked at this blog, yesterday. Since it WAS, opening day.  I have so much more information that I'd like to share and please know that this blog is a huge work in progress.  I will take any/all information that you wish to send me regarding music and/or venues.  As well as, any newbies that may need some direction.   It can be very time consuming, checking all the different sites to find a show in your hood.  So hopefully If I can get my Who What and Where, "calendar" working properly, you'll be able to view the shows that way.  If it gives me trouble, I may change that portion and just go with a show listing. I will need feedback  to know if the "calendar" works for you, so please message me.

Today I get to spend some time with two of my favorite people. This, for me, is a gigantic part of going to "live shows".  You get your girlfriend time.  Not everyone takes/has time for that, in the crazy daze of life. You really HAVE to plan that.  It will NOT just happen.  Thanks to you know who, for taking me on my first "musical" road trip.  It has changed me and in a way that I will never ever take for granted.  I am truly blessed to have you and your youngin.

The next couple days are gonna be great. Tonight with the girls, we are planning on dining at a little French bistro, called Brandts, before we go to see Bob Schneider.  Really looking forward to everything tonight will offer. The LOOP in St. Louis, is the best. The Moonrise with their version of the "heavenly bed" and the absolutey grooved out decor.  I could just stay there the whole evening, but that would be silly wouldn't it?  The PIN UP bowling lounge is always fun for some after show entertaining.  I do not bowl, but I can watch and LAUGH.  The last time I was there was kind of bizarre. This couple who I don't know, were so happy everytime they through the ball that she would run and jump into his arms.  And then there was the man that proclaimed

did we really need a shirt to tell us that.

So you all enjoy your Wednesday and I will enjoy enjoy mine.  If you have any time to find new music today I have to suggest some Bob Schneider, maybe start with 40 Dogs, "Romeo and Juliet". 

Happy Day,


Sunday, March 21, 2010


 WYKNOT1      A new blog that is.

I'm a girl who loves to travel and also listen to music. I'm the type of person who can't wait to find her "new" song.       

Last month while I was visiting with a friend after his first Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights show. He said, "you should put together a blog so people can find this good music".   So I've done just that.  Given you the details to find what I've found to be some great "new" music.

I’m lucky to be seeing two performances at www.blueberryhill.com this coming week.

Bob Schneider

Stoney Larue and the Arsenals.                                                    

A great venue to get to a little early and enjoy the award winning food!  I've been several times to this gem of a place.  A fun place to meet new red dirt friends.  A line will start forming around the ticket area"indoors" at about 7:15 with doors opening at 8:00.

“I don’t come here for the music. I come here for the wings."

-Chuck Berry

It would be wrong of me not to share the fabulous www.moonrisehotel.com with you. It is my new favorite hotel in the loop and has a fantastic location. Quite the luxury if you’re able to spend the night! I've only stayed once, but love a hotel with a funky groove to it. Stay more than once and they send some “sweet” deals your way

My best,


The rest of March as I see it.

Bob Schneider-The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill in St.Louis-Wed-March 24, doors at 8

Stoney Larue-The Duck Room at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis-Fri-March 26, doors at 8

Jason Boland-Luke's Bar and Grill--Altamont, Il.-Fri- March 26

Alejandro Escovedo-Uptown Grill- Lasalle, Il.-Wed- March 31-Sold out